Oobroo Ideal Turmeric

Oobroo Ideal Turmeric

Organic, whole food supplement, promotes optimal wellness. Developed by a doctor, customized to meet scientific and evidence-based recommendations for the most effective, bio-active and bio-available turmeric. Sustainable packaging, clean labeled, contains no toxic, unnecessary “other” or “inactive” ingredients.

When diet can't do the trick, nothing beats Oobroo Ideal Turmeric.

Discount codes:

2017-3 = 10% off 3 month supply.

2017-6 = 15% off 6 month supply.

2017-12 = 20% off 12 month supply.

For 6 & 12 month orders, product ships automatically every 3 months. (Email TeamOobroo@oobroo.com for order to be sent all at once).


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