Orange Is The New Black For Pain

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Overwhelming evidence of the risks of non-aspirin NSAIDs finally led the FDA to strengthen its black box warning last year. Given that more Americans die annually of NSAID complications than AIDS, the move was long overdue. Post marketing studies found a higher incidence of death, heart attack, stroke, and intestinal bleeding in all users: occasional, short term and long term. These sobering findings have many people seeking natural alternatives for pain relief.

Turmeric is a go-to choice for NSAID pain relief without the serious side effects. Like its pharma counterparts, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and a COX-2 inhibitor. A 2014 study of turmeric 2000mg vs. ibuprofen 800mg daily for 6 weeks for osteoarthritis, found them equally effective for pain, with turmeric outperforming the drug in measures of patient satisfaction and function.

Turmeric is a natural alternative for pain relief. Yes, orange is the new black.

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  • 100% USDA organic certified ground turmeric root. 650mg turmeric + 73mg 100% USDA organic ground black pepper. 3 per days = U of Maryland recommendations for turmeric daily intake and also mimics the amount East Asian communities, such as in India, traditionally consume. Thanks for your comment!

    Jennie Ann Freiman MD on
  • Tumeric mg dosage per capsule?

    Root or leaf in your formula?

    can’t read your bottles ingredients ? can you help ? 760-522-9010
    wayne brousseau on

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